The Faces Behind It

As a group we have followed and loved sports since childhood and continue to strive to find ways of bringing our heroes and memories back into light. We are dedicated to bringing the most affordable, trusted sports memorabilia across the industry, into one place for our customers. HSGC Sports Marketing and Entertainment will also continue to expand our roster of historical players and with that enrich their difficult retirements.

At HSGC Sports we aim to honour our heritage by supporting past players, who have sacrificed their bodies and future health to provide the fans with such great moments over the years. We recently hosted an event with The Human League Association in Sudbury, Ontario and we aim to continue with these endeavours. This fantastic event’s purpose was to benefit Canadian children across Ontario to give them the opportunity to create and fuel their passion for sports.

Sports have left memorable moments in all our lives, whether that is scoring your first goal or being surrounded by friends and family watching your team bring home a gold medal. Our team has recognised those with a deep seeded passion for sports and aim to provide the highest quality and most desired memorabilia to the public. Proud of our Canadian History we are excited to create events across Canada, and bring Canadian communities together over our shared love.

Our Team:

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